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Arctic Cool Clothing

I have MS. That’s no secret. You all know that already. For many with MS, heat can be a big issue. Being exposed to high heat can exacerbate symptoms, making life even more challenging than it already is. Staying cool is key.

Social media has many flaws (don’t worry this story has a point) but one thing that definitely is NOT a flaw is the vast amount of unique products that people can find. I think we’ve bought 4 or 5 different things that we’ve seen on Instagram that have all turned out to be exactly what was advertised.

My latest purchase was a shirt from Arctic Cool. They claimed that the shirt keeps you 10 or more degrees cooler when wearing it and sweating. I was sceptical. But I’m happy and surprised to say that they really do work. So I bought more.

I live in Oklahoma, it’s been over 100 every day for the last two weeks or so. I was able to cut the grass while wearing one of the shirts without needing a break in the middle and I felt pretty good afterwards. That’s huge.

AI generated image of a man cutting the grass

I was not expecting a tshirt to have such a great affect on my ability to be active. I’m happy to be wrong.

These will be great for our many Disney World trips.

Until next time,


*I am not affiliated with Arctic Cool in any way, shape or form.

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