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Generative AI Is Pretty Cool

Playing Around With ChatGPT AI Image Generation

I recently got ChatGPT Plus and I've been playing around with image generation. I'm not saying that I'm going to use solely generative AI for images for book covers or other things but it's a great way to get ideas. Speaking of book covers, I was trying to get GPT to create an image for my book. Check them out below!

I am very new to AI but I'm excited to play around with and and get better for both my professional and personal writing lives.

The images below are supposed to depict a man wandering through a city ruins. The input was to show a man (a soldier or adventurer) walking through the overgrowth.

I think they all turned out pretty well but with a little tweaking, one or two would be perfect for ideation for cover art for my book.

I still have a lot of learning to do but I'm impressed so far.

GPT Training

I'm also in the midst of training my GPT to sound like me when it produces content. Not to replace me, obviously, but to help me. Making it sound like me will reduce the amount of time it takes to revise and update content. I would never use AI to replace me but it sure aw hell can help me.

I'm no coder. I know enough SQL and HTML to do my job and be dangerous but I'm not ready to start introducing Python just yet so I'm training it the old fashioned way, by talking to it. A lot.

Maybe someday I'll add Python to my repertoire but not today.

Happy Fourth!

I hope y'all have a happy Fourth of July! It's going to be a quiet day here but I did order a cheesecake from Eli's Cheesecake out of Chicago AND being huge tequila fans we are going to try a tequila and apple juice cocktail that we've been seeing on social media. But that's about it, cheesecake and a drink, and calming the dog during the fireworks.

Speaking of the dog, yes, he has his own Instagram @ghost_thechiweenie and he's gotten so big since we got him as a puppy about 4 years ago.

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