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MS MRI Update, Shooting, Writing, and More! (The Somewhat Weekly Update)

Hey y'all! Long time no talk.

If you recall from my last post, it was MRI day. We'll get to that and other fun stuff in a second but I wanted to talk about life with MS for a minute (at least my life with MS).

MS Life Lessons

MS has been part of my life for about 5 years (officially). Unofficially, I think it's much longer. I have a feeling that the strange effects of MS have been around for quite some time.

Something hit me last week like a bus. I've been having mobility issue for a couple years now, relying on a cane to walk unless it's really short distances. That's not what hit me like a ton of bricks, though. My wife and I used to walk together all the time, even when MS entered our lives. In the last year, even with my Neural Sleeve and/or a cane, I can barely make it one lap around the neighborhood. Roughly a half mile.

We haven't been able to walk or run together in a while and (this is where my husband brain took over) has been looking for ways for us to do that again. Enter the idea of a dog stroller... She mentioned it aa few times in a short period. Me, thinking she was just trying to be funny, asked her what her deal with the dog stroller was.

Big mistake.

It took me a while but I finally understood. It wasn't the dog stroller that she was thinking about, it was us walking together again. Thinking that the stroller would give me a little extra stability and something to hold on to while walking. I felt horrible after it dawned on me.

She just wanted us to be able to do what we used to do. Spend time together while enjoying the exercise.

It's another one of those life lessons that I've learned thanks to this adventurous and challenging disease.

Oh, and for those that are curious, my MRI came back clear, no new lesions and no enhancing lesions. The treatments are still working, I love it.

Reading Update

June is almost over. I've got three books under my belt for the month, bringing the grand total to 17 so far this year.

Legends & Lattes

Technically this is the second book for this story. The story follows Viv, an Orc who has hung up the swords and violence to live a peaceful life in a new city. She opens up a coffee shop, coffee is an unknown beverage to the people of this city, and the story follows her journey from beginning to end. It's very cozy story with not a ton of action but seeing Viv succeed is enough to keep you going. A great read if you are looking for something heartwarming.


I bought this book solely on the cover. it's gorgeous. I didn't know just how much I'd like it until after I finished. I'm going to leave this a little vague on purpose but it follows a god killer, Kissen, on a journey through a world where gods are plentiful. Some good, and some bad that need to be dealt with, which is where Kissen makes her money. It's got action, love, suspense and so much more.

Live and Let Die

Casino Royale was great so I thought I'd continue my James Bond journey. The second book in the series is no where near as good as the first and was mostly the story of Bond's journey through America to the Everglades than anything. But, my biggest issue was with the book itself, the physical object. Do much so that it might be skewing mu thoughts on the story.

A: the cover was damaged in transit from Amazon. B: pages were literally falling out as I read. (See below) Many times I'd go to flip the page and the page would just straight out. Needless to say, I'm sending back to Amazon.

An open book with a page falling out

Shooting Trip

It's been a minute since we took a trip to the range, too much stuff going on. We both shot pretty well but the highlight of the trip was that awesome picture I took of my wife. I'm trying to shoot further distances to try to hone my skills. I thought I did pretty well, couple stragglers but all-in-all, it was a good trip.

A woman firing a gun at a shooting range with a bright muzzle flash
A shooting target with bullet holes in the center


Oh do I love LEGO. They are fun to built AND it helps me with my fine motor movements in my hands. So technically it's physical therapy.

During our weekly pilgrimage to the Disney Outlet, I saw this bad boy behind the counter. And it was on clearance. I can't say no to that. I'm not usually a big fan of the Marvel sets but the Captain America shield is big and awesome. I'm going to have a blast putting this one together.

Now I just have to get cracking on the other 12 I have in the closet.

The box for the LEGO Captain America sheild set

Writing Update

It's been a slow couple of weeks when it comes to my book. My goal is to write 300 words a day. I think I've done 750 total in the last two weeks.

It's a little difficult to type on a keyboard when your left hand is acting up. I write professionally too so, yeah, it's been a challenge these past couple weeks.

I'll get passed this like everything else, the words are there, I just need to be able to actually get them down.

Until next time.


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